Monday, January 4, 2010

Crying for Shelby's Justice

Shelby Franklin Miller was brutally murdered at Yellow Creek in Jefferson County, Ohio. Standing accused of this murder is his 27 year old son Travis Miller. Shelby tried to reach out to his troubled son and help him and he was repaid by his life being stolen from him.

I have seen first hand how Travis treated his loving father. He would want money to purchase his drugs and when Shelby could not and would not give him money, then he would become violent with him. East Liverpool police were at the house on one occasion as Travis threatened him. Neighbors can attest to Travis threatening harm to his father as they have seen this.
Even after the way Travis treated his dad, Shelby would drive to Lisbon, pick him up, bring him back to work in East Liverpool, then take him home. He paid Travis rent and bought his groceries. He did encourage him to get into drug rehab but Travis would not go. Shelby wanted so much to help his son and reach out to him as any loving father would.
It is important to note that Shelby was in frail health. He had suffered from health issues most of his life and at the time of his death was recovering from strokes. He was no threat to his son. So the fact that big hulking 6 foot something 250 lb Travis (allegedley) killed his father is just sickening. There is no reason for it! Whatever crap gets cooked up it all boils down to this. A conscience choice was made and a life was taken. No arguments! Murder is illegal and the killer must be punished!
Now the trial is approaching. Let us pray that justice will be done and that Travis will not go unpunished for his wicked crimes. The family of Shelby and his friends cry out for justice. We don't want deals or plea bargains. We want to see Travis behind bars where he belongs. he is a dangerous individual.

Notice in this video that the prosecutor says he could face 15 to life. FIFTEEN, are you kidding me? For killing someone? What message does this send to criminals. That is not acceptable. He needs to be put behind bars for the rest of his natural life. In my opinion he needs the death penalty. An eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth. In this quote from, We do believe he's a flight risk. We do believe he may pose a risk to other people based on the evidence we have on file -- and we think that we need to keep a tight lid on him," said Prosecutor Tom Straus. If he poses a risk to other people, then fifteen years is not good enough. This is why people commit these crimes because there is no deterent. People need to cry out and demand justice!
Shelby was a good man, a father of three children, a grandfather, brother, uncle and friend to many. In his community people loved and adored him. He was kind and gentle and did not know a stranger. He lent a helping hand to all that he could. Let us remember that SHELBY is the victim and Travis is a piece of trash! Shelby's death has left a void in the lives of all who knew and loved him. One thing we can take comfort in is that as he was forgiven by God he is now in God's prescence.

This link will take you to another one of my blogs. This is my personal reflection and thoughts on the case, and how justice should be dispensed for that monster, Travis

This picture shows where Shelby was placed after he was murdered. This was a copse of trees and brush which the police have cut down. Shelby's body was hidden under it and laid out in the elements for four days.

Imagine coming down along this wall. The smell of decayed flesh and death fills your nose, and you know that your loved one is there. His body was found close to this wall, hidden under the brush. Time of death was estimated to be around 4 pm on September 21, 2009. Surely someone would have seen or heard something. This is a busy road.

This is at Yellow Creek, Jefferson County, Ohio on Route 213 just down under bridge 55, where the murder took place and Shelby was hidden from his family. Imagine the worry that everyone went through not hearing from him. Imagine the horror of searching the area when his body was found, dead and left out in the elements.

This is Shelby Millers truck. This was allegedly stolen by Travis after shooting his father and driven to Tennessee. Did anyone see this at Yellow Creek that day near Bridge 55?


  1. I have posted a link to your blog from our CCFHV blog under "Other sites of interest" Good luck with everything that you are trying to do!

  2. Thank you so much. This has been a horrible thing to go through and the family feels powerless. It feels as if the family is the victim. The authorities keep everyone in the dark. Granted we are not able to know anything, but they do not talk to anyone at all. The grief is overwhelming when someone is murdered, there is never closure. I appreciate all that you are doing and God bless you!

  3. Here are some links with some information on the case

  4. We did a story also on Shelby once it came out what happened. Here is a link for that:
    We did other stories on him as well when he first became missing. We try to stay back for a while in a murder case and let the police do their job. We usually don't get involved for a couple of months, when it looks like they are not going to have an easy time of solving the case. As with Gary Paulin, who was killed in a hit and run accident in Nov of 2008, we did not pick up his case or meet his family until June of 2009.
    We will keep readers posted on any updates of his case and we would really like to go to the trial as well in support of the family. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know. Even if it is someone to just talk to.

  5. Thank you Kim. Was not aware that you did a story on him. The family is having such a hard time with this, and there are so many unanswered questions. The trial is tentativly to start January 19th at 9 a.m. unless there is a continuance. The family appreciates that you would want to go for support! God bless

  6. Thank you Kimberly and Dan. I miss Dad terribly!!!!

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    an interesting theolgical view on the death penalty

  8. Criminals need to pay for thier crime. Shelby was an awesome guy and did not deserve this. Miss him terribly!


  10. Thank you all for youe kind words and prayers. I will miss my father everyday for the rest of my life. My family, friends and I have a long hard road to travel till we have peace and justice. My father was my rock in my life, not only did he give me life and raise me but he was my protector in times of hardship due to others abuse or just life in general. Because of his example and love I am a better woman and human. As long as I have breath in me I will fight for my Dad's Justice. May one day dad you get the peace you deserve!!!

  11. I by accident signed in under the wrong account I'm really A girl!! LOL

  12. Love and Miss you Lots (Forehead Bumper :-)


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